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"I Am A Courageous Educational Leader Dedicated To Creating Equitable School Systems And Committed To Helping All Students Achieve Their Personal And Professional Goals."

Frances Carhart, M.Ed.


Tenacious Advocate for Kids, Champion for Equity, Creator of Synergy

Frances Carhart, M.Ed.

About Frances

While working at Microsoft right out of college, I realized that my time volunteering weekly with a third grade “lunch buddy” brought me much more joy than reading the growing number of PC magazines on my bedstead.  At that point, I pivoted into education and have devoted my career to making a difference in the lives of kids.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my job is to see young people gain confidence, believe in themselves, and solve problems independently.  The work I do is holistic: not just focused on a college or career but learning the adulting skills of resilience, self-advocacy, life balance, and problem-solving. 

My Belief

I believe in building equitable schools, collaborating with all stakeholders to achieve synergy, and communicating often and clearly.  I don’t shy away from difficult conversations because I believe that challenging the status quo and being willing to hear criticism and dissent is necessary for healthy organizations to grow.  I remain optimistic about the future of education for our kids.


My full education and work history are here on LinkedIn.  If you want to roll up your sleeves and get working with me, let me know.

Educational consulting

Educational Consulting Profession

Over the years, there have been many articles and real-world examples of families willing to do anything in order to gain admission to highly competitive colleges.  I intentionally belong to professional organizations that maintain ethics in the field of educational consulting where dishonest and unethical practices are not allowed.  Through regular professional development at conferences, visits to colleges all over the country, partnerships with high school counselors, and educational workshops, I keep myself updated on the latest trends, insights and controversies in the profession.  My focus is on "best-fit" and students own all aspects of the process.

While college is often the reason why families contact me, they choose to work with me because I am helping to prepare young people for a lifetime of success.  Self-awareness, confidence, independence, and passion naturally occur when a good educational consultant coaches, consults and facilitates from the sidelines. My memberships in IECA, NACAC, and PNACAC reflect my commitment to integrity in this profession and my desire to help young people become the best versions of themselves.


Parent Testimonial

Frances' college prep services have been truly insightful and invaluable for our family. She not only helped establish a clear North Star for our son's college future but also created a very relational and confidence-building environment for him. Frances provided assurance for us as parents, knowing that our son was in capable hands. Her dedication and expertise have made the college preparation process smooth and stress-free. We are grateful for Frances' guidance and support, and we highly recommend her services to any family looking for personalized and effective college prep assistance.

Jill and Jeff J

Parent Testimonial

You always remember the few educators who had a profound influence on your life.  Frances is one of those people for our son.  Her personality, joy, and positive attitude are contagious, instilling confidence, joy, and hope (with a dose of reality).  Any parent and child are lucky to have Frances in their corner.  She is truly a gift.

Judy and Tarun

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