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Academic Planning and Success

Educational Consulting

Based on Frances’ experience working with middle and high school students for over 20+ years (and raising 3 grown children), she understands how confidence can be undermined from discouraging classroom experiences and negative peer interactions. She not only provides academic support, executive functioning skills, and accountability for students, she comes alongside students to grow their confidence, help them to believe in their abilities and create more peace on the home front. 

Well before COVID, educators noticed that social media affected how teens learn. For some students, the struggle to concentrate, be organized, self-advocate, and maintain a growth mindset make it nearly impossible to show mastery.  They can become discouraged and disengage from learning altogether.

Frances provides an initial assessment and detailed summary report based on assessments, surveys and conversations with the student and the parent. She will provide recommendations about next steps.

Initial Assessment and Detailed Report

Includes results from AchieveWorks™ Personality, AchieveWorks™ Intelligences, AchieveWorks™ Learning and Productivity, a proprietary Student Academic Success Intake Survey, a proprietary Parent Reflection Intake Survey, and a 60-minute conversation with the student. Results and recommendations are presented during a virtual 60-minute family meeting.

Possible Academic Planning and Success Areas of Focus

Planning and time management systems based on personality and learning style


Task initiation, motivation, and goal setting


Creating a home study area designed for each personality/learning style that promotes focus and accountability


Sustained concentration and perseverance


Practice and development of growth mindset that helps students well beyond high school and college

Parent/guardian/student homework/academic success agreements with natural consequences that can include teachers and/or special education teachers.


Organization strategies for backpacks, home study areas, and at school


Time management strategies, practiced real-time during the school year so learning is relevant and effective

Note-taking skills and approaches based on learning style


Metacognitive support (awareness of self-defeating thought processes) and creation of affirmations and manifestations


Frances was the best college counselor I could have asked for. She is AWESOME! She actively focused on cultivating a relationship with me, and because she knew me, she knew my needs. We still keep in touch years later. 10/10!!

Stephen M

Through a very stressful college prep and search process, Frances was a guiding hand and encouraging voice. Her expertise made me feel confident that I'd find the right fit. And I did! I'm graduating from Northeastern University this spring.

Hannah H.

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