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Presentations and Workshops

Presentations and Workshops

Frances has presented on all aspects of the academic, college, and career process to groups as large as 300+ participants.  

She can create a customized presentation for any sized organization and welcomes the opportunity to talk with you about your organization’s specific needs.

Exact pricing depends on the audience size, specific topic, collaboration with other speakers, and expected length.

Frances was the best college counselor I could have asked for. She is AWESOME! She actively focused on cultivating a relationship with me, and because she knew me, she knew my needs. We still keep in touch years later. 10/10!!

Stephen M

Through a very stressful college prep and search process, Frances was a guiding hand and encouraging voice. Her expertise made me feel confident that I'd find the right fit. And I did! I'm graduating from Northeastern University this spring.

Hannah H.

What Our Students Say


With some personality and career assessment tools, students can begin to consider how they craft a job around their strengths, passions, skills and values. This presentation will take students through the assessment process and provide tools and resources for further exploration. Additionally, students will understand how their passions can be pursued at almost any company, organization or non-profit. Students will leave with potential college majors in mind as well as strategies to learn about different professions and networking.  


Overview of College Admissions 

Highly Competitive College Admissions 

For students and families interested in prestigious and highly competitive colleges, there are some very important aspects of the process to know. Participants will leave this presentation knowing whether a competitive college is appropriate for them and a roadmap for visiting colleges, talking with admissions reps, and completing applications that stand out.  

There are several different “types” of essays that are common in college applications. Participants will learn why essays are critical, how students can use their voice to stand out, and suggestions about writing the different types of essays. This presentation provides resources for students to plan and write essays on their own. 

Essays That Stand Out 

College Visits, The College Fair, Interviewing, and The Resume 

Demonstrated interest is a growing factor in college admissions and it can be captured many different ways. In this presentation, participants will learn how to schedule and plan a college visit, what to look for on the visit to assess “fit,” how to manage a college fair, what to expect in a college interview and an appropriate resume to have for college and job interviews.  

Parent/Guardian Academic and Boot Camp 

Parents and/or guardians define “success” for students through their thoughts and actions. As students go through the college research and application process, parents and guardians have the most important influence on how students define their success. This presentation provides timely, specific, and positive ways for parents to support their students throughout high school by helping them to adult, building the growth mindset, and showing their support regardless of the outcome. This presentation can be tailored for middle or high school.  

Academic and College Advising for 8th Graders  

Before students register for high school courses, it is helpful to reflect on previous academic performance and aspirations about college and career before starting high school and planning out a 4-year academic schedule. This presentation is ideally in the winter or spring of grade 8 and will cover course registration, 4-year college planning, extracurricular planning, study skills, high school involvement, and general college and career considerations. 

Students who participate in athletics through high school must be organized and a master of time management. Their academic and possible college athletic participation involves academic eligibility, self-advocating with coaches, and understanding the entire process. This presentation is designed for high school students who think they want to play sports in college (D1, D2 and D3), want to understand this commitment and become more competitive for college coaches and recruiters.  

Academic and College Success for Athletes 

Career Exploration Tools and Planning 

This presentation is the most requested and ideal for parents and students unfamiliar with the American college application process and current admission trends. Participants will leave with a solid understanding of what colleges consider, how students can be best prepared for the process and resources to access along the way. 

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