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Navigate College Tours Like a Pro: 4 Expert Tips

Being on a college campus is an important way prospective students can truly absorb the culture and potential fit of a potential school.  While there are many virtual opportunities to learn about colleges today, nothing replaces being on campus - hearing from students, seeing the physical layout, and getting a sense of the culture.

Here are 4 suggestions to get the most from your college visit:

  • Plan Ahead:  Each college offers information sessions and campus tours. Check online for available dates and registration. Once registered, you’ll receive details about the tour's starting point and parking. Schedule one college visit per day to absorb each schools' unique characteristics.

  • Smart Clothes: Wear comfortable shoes, bring an umbrella, and apply sunscreen. Be prepared for the weather and plenty of walking. This way, you can focus on learning about the campus and its culture instead of being affected by the elements.

  • Observe and ASK: Pay attention to student attitudes about learning and pay attention to activity flyers posted around campus. Take photos along the tour and ask the tour guide about their experience to gain deeper insights.

  • Debrief: Find a campus hangout to debrief and document your visit to help compare colleges later. This is also an opportunity to observe students again and reflect on whether you would feel comfortable attending the college. Write down any remaining questions so you can follow up with your regional admissions rep once you return home.

As students visit more colleges, their preferences and criteria become clearer which helps to narrow down the college list. Beginning this process junior year (or earlier) reduces stress and uncertainty around college applications and helps students to make an informed decision.

Good luck! To talk more with Frances, schedule a complimentary 30-minute meeting here.

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