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CollegeCompass: Navigating Your Path to Adulthood

Updated: Apr 27

My name is Frances Carhart, and the past 20+ years, I have worked with a wide variety of students helping them navigate their academic, college and career journey. I’ve been privileged to walk alongside these young people as they mature and make significant life decisions.

Guiding students through the college journey means teaching vital adulting skills like self-advocacy, organization, and effective communication, alongside discovering strengths and refining personality.

This is where my consulting practice is different.

My goal extends beyond college acceptance; it's about equipping students with the courage and skills to make crucial life decisions and overcome challenges confidently.

I offer personalized packages with 1-1 sessions, incorporating an "adulting curriculum" to teach skills like maintaining a growth mindset, handling difficult conversations, networking, and forging lasting connections.

Stay tuned for more on the diverse skills my clients acquire and upcoming workshops and bootcamps.

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